Meet Khalid

Sometime the Club is more than just a place for kids to do homework and play sports. It’s their second family, the place where they know they have other adults who care about them.

Khalid lost his mother at a young age, and he believes that his Club fills a void in his young life. More than just a time for play, the Club offers Khalid social and emotional support and is helping him develop resiliency as he meets challenges in his life. These are critical life skills for any young person, but particularly one who has lost so much at a young age.

The Youth Development Professionals at the Rosenzweig Branch are inspiring him to dream big for his future. A teacher, a firefighter or a doctor. Young Khalid is exploring all of these possibilities in his time at the Boys & Girls Club.

Without you, we cannot continue to provide the high quality care, delivered by trained professional staff, in our Clubs. Please help us continue to support thousands of youth just like Khalid with your investment.